I want to rejuvenate right now!

But anti-ageing products usually don’t work or are very expensive!

Then Biotrends crafted an affordable capsule that protects, repares and rejuvenates at the same time. Thanks to the reunion of 4 powerful anti-ageing agents:

  • Epitalon to lengthen telomeres = 1mg /capsule
  • Carnosine to extend cells' lifespan = 150mg /capsule
  • Resveratrol most powerful antioxidant = 125mg /capsule
  • Lycopene to block free-radicals = 24mg /capsule

The best anti-ageing supplement ever built!

The synergistic association of the 4 most powerful ingredients known to stop and reverse ageing in humans:

Epitalon and L-Carnosine to repair your telomeres at the DNA level, and give your cells health and immortality!

Resveratrol and Lycopene to block free-radicals damages, and protect your cells from the ravages of ageing.

Never before a single pill could bring so many benefits for human longevity:

Biotrends takes the cutting edge and most powerful anti-ageing ingredients, encapsulate them with the best delivery technologies, and now you can really fight ageing down to the cellular level, and start a new life, a new long and healthy life!

That’s why it’s called Nouvelle-Vie, which means New-Life in French!

1 – EPITALON, tagged as ‘fountain of youth’



2 – L-CARNOSINE, the other anti-aging peptide


3 – RESVERATROL, the wonder antioxidant


4 – LYCOPENE, the red superstar antioxidant