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But anti-ageing products usually don’t work or are very expensive!

Then Biotrends crafted an affordable capsule that protects, repares and rejuvenates at the same time. Thanks to the reunion of 4 powerful anti-ageing agents:

  • Epitalon to lengthen telomeres = 1mg /capsule
  • Carnosine to extend cells' lifespan = 150mg /capsule
  • Resveratrol most powerful antioxidant = 125mg /capsule
  • Lycopene to block free-radicals = 24mg /capsule

Means to increase longevity

Dear readers,

fight_aging_websiteFirst of all thank you for your registration, and thank you for your interest in your own well-being and life.

The longevity of our bodies occupies our minds since thousands of years, Egyptians who were already practicing many surgical operations, to Alchemists who manufactured and tested thousands of natural or chemical concoctions, man has always felt a strong desire to prolong its life on earth.

Today it is mainly due to our lifestyle and surgical progress that we have extended our average life. Yet it is clear that this is not enough, because the genetic code at the source of our cells seems to limit our life expectancy, what ever we can do to keep ourselves healthy.

Fortunately there are many scientists who have decided to devote their lives to find solutions to make our body immortal. Many books speaking of longevity are available, but none talks about the latest scientific discoveries that have proved effective in prolonging life.

To discover products, molecules and processes that have been discovered in the last decade to improve our longevity, you have to go on internet, mainly on Google. This is what we have done for many years, and we are pleased to share some of our findings.

For example we follow the progress reported regularly on Fight Aging!
Here are some excerpts from their introduction page:

Do you want to live a longer life in good health? Simple practices can make some difference, such as exercise or calorie restriction. But over the long haul all that really matters is medical biotechnology: progress towards therapies that can repair and reverse the known root causes of aging. The sooner these treatments arrive the more lives will be saved, perhaps including yours. So here at Fight Aging! you’ll read about healthy life extension, engineered longevity, and the development of rejuvenation biotechnology.

Aging saps our strength and ability to enjoy life, cripples us, and eventually kills us. Tens of millions die from medical conditions caused by aging each and every year. Yet the risk of suffering these conditions in later life can be greatly reduced for most people through diet and exercise. Furthermore, serious scientific efforts are presently underway to understand and intervene in the aging process – not just to prevent frailty and disease, but to also repair and reverse the root causes of aging.

Luxury decks and patios of Oia, Santorini, Greece

Three Steps Toward Longevity

The following three steps outline a starting point for living longer, a sketch of a framework for thinking about healthy life extension:

Step 1: Stop Damaging Your Health
Step 2: Adopt a Better Diet and Lifestyle
Step 3: Support Progress in Longevity Science

Fight Aging! is here as a resource. Make good use of it, but always remember that the bottom line is this: a tremendous opportunity exists in the research and development of rejuvenation biotechnology, far beyond anything that can be obtained through diet, exercise, and supplements. Don’t squander that opportunity by ignoring it.
End of quote

You can consult many articles already published on their website, and subscribe to their free newsletter to keep up to date on their discoveries. We also follow many other internet websites on the subject of the science of longevity, and we hope you continue to support us and read us so we can still share our enthusiasm and our discoveries with you.

Our bodies have been developed to live a few decades at most 120 years, so we will have to make efforts to enable us to overcome these limits of today, and also to live these many additional years in good health and joy of having a body that feels and is YOUNG!

We can hope that the science of genetics will allow us, in a few decades from now, to live indefinitely by changing our DNA code, copying certain “immortal” animals, but for now we must find a solution to wait until this GENETIC ERA as arrived!


Lengthening the telomeres in our cells is now the greatest discovery ever made, because it prolongs the life of each cell allowing it to reproduce indefinitely and without duplication errors.

We can limit the premature destruction of our telomeres but we can not extend them at will. Or rather we could not, because since the discovery of this limit due to our telomeres, many researchers have invested their time to find a solution.
They made the assumption that there must be a way to stimulate the production of long telomeres in cells, to overcome this deadly biological limit.


?  Thousands of products and substances have been tested around the world and in recent decades, and one product has met these conditions over multiple laboratory and human studies in real life conditions.
It is Epitalon, the only substance that is actually scientifically proven as lengthening the telomeres of human cells.

Many products are sold as telomerase activators, but only one really works and has been proven in multiple independent studies, and this is Epitalon.
There is no other product for which there is scientific evidence of its positive activity on telomeres. Ask the sellers of products such as TA-65 or Astragaloside to provide you even a single published scientific evidence, and you will find that they do not have any.
They sell you wind of hope, but nothing works. By cons you can read for yourself the dozens of scientific studies published internationally on Epitalon.

Base your purchase on the science that proves the effect of the product and chose a qualified manufacturer that offers the best quality possible, and so you make a good purchase.

The choice is simple for those who want to extend their life and enable their cells to replicate continuously without fault, take Epitalon!

In addition, Epitalon not only lengthen our telomeres, it also regulates many functions of our body, such as hormonal and immune functions. Many people feel very fast improvements in many areas.
Many studies also confirm the incredible effects of Epitalon on various health problems. We will make a more detailed list soon, stay tuned.

Epitalon is the best existing investment for GOOD HEALTH !

nouvelle-vie-logo-epitalonAt Biotrends they know all these scientific studies, thus they know it is possible to live much longer and in good shape, and their high quality Epitalon is the first evidence that they put at your disposal.
The results are surprising and witnesses of these rejuvenations are often speechless in front of users of Epitalon who look years younger in just a few weeks.
Indeed Epitalon rejuvenates the cells, and effects therefore are found inside but also outside of the body.Some users are reporting us a tightening of their skin and refining of the pores removing them 10 years of age after just a few weeks of taking it !


Spread the word, ”Aging is not a fatality , it can be reversed!“

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